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Pokémon V-Union Collection Box
These products introduce Pokémon V-UNION to the TCG and, much like Pokémon LEGEND in the HeartGold & SoulSilver Series, require muiltiple cards to be played together. Pokémon V-UNION comprise four separate parts, each of which are included in one of the following sets:

  • Greninja V-UNION Special Card Set (Japanese: スペシャルカードセット ゲッコウガV-UNION)
  • Mewtwo V-UNION Special Card Set (Japanese: スペシャルカードセット ミュウツーV-UNION)
  • Zacian V-UNION Special Card Set (Japanese: スペシャルカードセット ザシアンV-UNION)

Pokémon TCG: V-Union Collection Box includes:

  • 1x Set of Promo cards (4 cards total) from Mewtwo V-Union
  • 1x New Support promo card
  • 3x Towering Perfection Booster packs
  • 3x Blue Sky Stream Booster packs

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