[Vanguard] D-BT02 A Brush with the Legends Booster


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[VGE-D-BT02] A Brush with the Legends

The second Booster Pack that delivers powerful upgrades to the five Start Decks, and the first Booster Pack!

New cards revealed!
As featured in the weekly VG Bites. Do keep a lookout for more reveals!

New ride lines coming your way!
There will be 2 brand new ride lines featured in this product.
Keep a lookout for future reveals!

Special Dress Secret Rare (DSR) cards!
Look out for these rare and ultra-valuable cards, featuring illustrations drawn by CLAMP!
• Danji Momoyama and “Diabolos, “Violence” Bruce”
• Tohya Ebata and “Apex Ruler, Bastion”

Pre-order bonuses you should not miss out on!
1. Box topper Power Counter
Each display will come with 1 piece of Power Counter of a random design that can be used in cardfights!
There are 7 types of Fighter’s Counter in total, let’s collect them all!
Use them as counters for your Over Trigger!
※While stocks last

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